Candida’s Background

Candida founded Global Arrival in 1996.


  • She has worked with clients from 39 different countries, so she understands a wide variety of cultures.
  • She has lived and worked in Colombia, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany and is currently living in the United States. She has a deep understanding of the frustrations that leaders go through when leading in a foreign culture.
  • Candida understands people’s global housing needs. Housing is different from culture- to-culture. It affects thinking, behavior, and habits.
  • She helps leaders and their family members with issues such as how to entertain, dress appropriately, meet, greet, make friends, attend social and business gatherings. She makes sure people fit in.
  • She also helps leaders and their families live safely overseas, so they’re less likely to become a target of crime.
  • She is experienced in dealing with sensitive issues. She is trained to know how to handle delicate situations that executives and their family members may encounter while living in a new culture.
  • Often times children get ignored. Candida has helped children effectively acclimate to their new global world. Helping children understand how to make friends, study and fit-in to their new school is imperative to the well-being of the family unit and the success of the global leader.

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