Global Arrival, LLC Products and Services
Personal Excellence in Foreign Places
If a senior executive brings masterful subject knowledge to a culture, great. But if that leader has cultural problems, they won't be able to concentrate properly...
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Communicating Across Cultures
The way people speak, listen and interpret language varies from culture-to-culture. What you think you said or heard may not be the true meaning...
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Individuals and Families in Transition
Moving to a new culture is disorienting. It dislodges you from the ways you normally think. Stuff that worked at home doesn't work in the new place. When people move to a new culture, there's always a period of uncertainty...
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Global Phone/Skype Consulting & Coaching
Sometimes busy executives need to touch base with an expert who can help them understand certain snippets of things or to show them where they actually are in a global negotiation...
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Accepting a Global Assignment
When senior leaders get asked to go on a global assignment they will have a lot on their minds. What will happen to their lives, the lives of their family, their careers?...
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Children in a New Land
Young children may not be able to express frustration and soon may experience behavioral symptoms, a bi-product of the stress they are feeling of being in a foreign environment that they quite do not yet understand.
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