What Families Really Need

TIME TO ADAPT and… Support! Support! Support!


Support begins in family’s home country. They need to understand what to expect, how to function, and even how to have a great time in the new country. Once the family arrives to their new surroundings they’ll need understanding and guidance from someone . . . in real-time . . . as lifestyle issues arise.

You see, no one can walk into a family’s life on a first meeting and tell them what all their issues will be. What’s more, the family isn’t ready to hear some things right away.

It is not about providing 40 hours of support and case closed. It is an on-going support program that runs until the family feels confident in a new land; until they’ve reinvented themselves in their new environment.

Just as the leader must go through a process of adaptation in order to gain results at work, the family too must undergo a period of adjustment to achieve success.

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