How Candida Works

Candida consults with senior executives on how to work productively in countries and cultures to which they are foreign.


  • Her clients include executives from other parts of the world who enter the United States to live and work, as well as executives leaving the United States to work on global assignments, and executives who are already working and living in foreign cultures.
  • Candida works on a micro level, not a macro level. She doesn’t work with 60,000 people. She works with the two or three people whose impact would influence those 60,000.
  • She works with leaders on developing their GLP (“Global Leadership Persona™”), which is about melding their native intelligence with the new ways they need to think and act in a specific foreign culture.
  • She helps executives understand workplace power in different cultures and teaches them to leverage that power.
  • She consults with leaders on issues that come up in real-time, like how to put together a team, inspire, sell, run meetings, complete presentations and projects, market products and services, compete for business, and build trusting relationships with peers, employees, clients, vendors, shareholders, and the marketplace.
  • Candida works with the foreign team that the new leader must manage and lead. Leaders are not sent abroad to work in isolation. Just as the leader needs to adjust to their new surroundings, so do their team members need to adjust to the leader.
  • She also works with leaders’ families. She assists them as they go through cultural transition. Why? Leaders don’t have compartmentalized lives. If their families can’t adjust, then the leader will want to return home or even quit the company. Such a situation can lose the organization millions of dollars.
  • Candida consults, coaches, presents keynotes, and runs workshops. When she’s hired for one-on-one work, she’s always on-call for clients (in case of fast-breaking opportunities or emergencies). She gives them her home phone number, cell phone number, Skype address, and private email address.

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