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As a leader working in a new environment, you will need to get things done with others. Your success depends on it.

The ways in which people work, behave, communicate, and get things done vary from culture-to-culture. The people in your new environment, then, will have questions. They’ll wonder who you are, where you’re from, what are your expectations, how best to get along with you, and more.

As a leader, you’ll have a similar list of questions about them.

Candida works with each leader’s entire sphere of people; their colleagues, team members, vendors, clients, staff members, and stakeholders. She even works with the leader’s family and friends.

Your Global Leadership Persona™ affects everyone around you. Your understanding of your own persona, and the personas of those around you, is critical to the success of your global assignment.

When it comes to leading your team, what is your Cultural Mindset

To learn how Candida helped a leader choose the correct team, See her case study: Flying Over, But Not Landing.

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