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When a senior executive is sent on a global assignment, they’re trying to make big things happen. Unfortunately, many executives on global assignment experience difficulties, because they unknowingly enter the new culture with one of three faulty mindsets:

Faulty Mindset #1:

“The people will change for me.” Because senior executives have authority, they assume those in the new culture will alter their behavior to accommodate the executive. A culture, however, doesn’t readily change. If it does, the process is painfully slow.

Faulty Mindset #2:

“I know how to change already.” This is a common problem with executives who have traveled the world. Since they’ve been to other cultures, they assume they know more than they actually do about culture. They end up misapplying strategies that worked in one culture, and are confused when things don’t work out in a new one.

Faulty Mindset #3:

“I will change completely.” Although a reasonable approach to trying to fit-in a new environment, this mindset and its accompanying behavior causes people to see the leader as inauthentic and untrustworthy.

Each mindset obviously creates its own difficulties. What’s worse: In an effort to deal with the new culture, the leader inadvertently gets in their own way by numbing the very strengths that originally made them a valuable leader.

What Candida does is to help leaders find their Global Leadership Persona™ or GLP. Your GLP helps you use your native intelligence in foreign places, so you can bring the best of who you are to the new situation, while fitting into the culture.

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