Leadership Awareness Cycle

Candida-Awareness Cycle_2016

The Leadership Awareness Cycle is a tool to help you develop your Global Leadership Persona™. You start by understanding yourself first. In order to understand the new culture, you must first understand who you are in the context of your own culture. Once this is accomplished, understanding the new culture will be much easier, because you will have a point of reference from which to begin.

The next phase, stems from the first. In this phase, you will have gained significant knowledge of who you are within your own culture, which allows you to be yourself in your new surroundings. This step is crucial to your success as it allows others to see you as being credible and authentic.

Once you understand yourself, your own culture and are exploring ways to be yourself in your new environment, you will find yourself quickly moving to the next phase, which is using your new found abilities. In this phase, you learn to meld your native intelligence into your new surroundings so you can gain trust and loyalty from those you lead.

This entire process allows you to develop an increased host culture awareness about how the host culture actually thrives; this awareness stays with you and continues to cycle over and over into a deeper awareness of yourself and your surroundings, which becomes the true essence of Your Global Leadership Persona™.