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Global Arrival’s Research Team Member

BobWebPhoto2Robert Harman, M.D., CFA contributes psychological and quantitative skill to the Global Arrival team.

Dr. Harman is both a financial analyst (CFA charterholder) and a board certified psychiatrist. He specializes in behavioral finance with a focus on the following areas:

  • How overcomplicating or oversimplifying numerical data (for example, from surveys) leads to overlooking obvious and important conclusions.
  • The relationship between national/ethnic cultures and corporate culture.
  • How an individual’s relationships between life, livelihood, money and emotions determines performance and career success.
  • Generating a quantum leap in performance by using data, interviews and observations to find out what executives, employees and customers really care about.
  • How financial statement analysis can be used to understand corporate culture, industry-wide competitive dynamics, and even individual employee behavior. This knowledge can be used to improve performance and competitive position.
  • Replacing the vague, and frustratingly unachievable, concept of “work-life balance” with realistic and successful efforts to achieve the following virtuous circle.

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