Every Audience is Unique.


It is in bad taste and unprofessional when a speaker uses the same speech for all events. As matter of fact, using the same talk for every event is the quickest way to take an eager and enthusiastic audience and shut them down.

Global leaders are high functioning people. When they attend corporate sponsored events, conferences or conventions they expect a speaker to address their concerns.

When Candida gets hired to address an audience she doesn’t speak to an audience from her comfort zone. That is boring!

Instead, she challenges the audience and provides them with keynotes that are guided, not by what she thinks her audience wants, but by what they actually need.

Each talk Candida delivers is like a piece of art, no two will be exactly alike, because in her experience, every audience is unique.

Sample keynotes Candida has delivered:

  • Want global success? Focus on the family!
  • Your Global Leadership Persona™ and why you need one.
  • Removing the mystery out of culture, the key to global success.
  • Want Diversity…. Get Cultural!
  • Why You Should Strive for Personal Excellence in Foreign Places™

If you have a topic you would like to have addressed at your next function…

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