Do You Have The Right Tools to Survive in Today’s Global Environment?


From her two decades of conducting workshops, Candida knows that attendees don’t come to workshops to pick up stray pieces of information.

Instead, they come to:

  • learn best practices
  • make decisions
  • solve problems
  • achieve goals
  • network with peers
  • share experiences
  • advance their careers

The content of the workshop, then, must be 100% related to what’s going on in the attendees’ lives, otherwise it will not be effective, nor applicable.

That’s why Candida conducts workshops that are guided, not by what she thinks her audience wants, but by what her audience actually needs.

Candida’s workshop topic may be repeated, but the content of each workshop will be unique, because each workshop is audience-driven.

Attendees leave with information that is useful and applicable.

Sample Workshops:

Influencing Across Cultures – How motivational methods vary from culture to culture, and how attendees need to act to influence staff and clients in their new global assignment.

Communicating Across Cultures – How to listen and talk in other cultures, so agendas are clear, people collaborate, and projects get done.

Managing in a Borderless World – Managing effectively in foreign cultures means you must understand how business is conducted in that culture.

Accepting a Global Assignment – Everything you need to know for taking your career overseas.

Selecting Talent for Global Assignments – How to choose the right person for your next assignment.

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