Individuals and Families in Transition


AdobeStock_70534505Moving to a new culture is disorienting. It dislodges you from the ways you normally think. Stuff that worked at home doesn’t work in the new place. When people move to a new culture, there’s always a period of uncertainty. No one escapes it. Some people, though, don’t understand what’s happening to them. Knowing that there’s a process with predictable feelings and steps helps take the anxiety out of the situation.

Join Candida to understand what is happening to you in your new culture. Learn to recognize culture shock and master dealing with uncertainty while living and working in a new environment.

Who should Attend: Individuals and their family members who are living and working in the United States from a foreign culture and for any individual who may be leaving the United States on an overseas assignment.

Price is per person.

Contact Candida at: 908-625-2267, and schedule your personal one-on-one session or your private corporate group session.