Personal Excellence in Foreign Places


AdobeStock_90149461If a senior executive brings masterful subject knowledge to a culture, great. But if that leader has cultural problems, they won’t be able to concentrate properly. Some of their approaches to doing business, which worked so well in their own culture, may not do them any good while on a foreign assignment.

This two-day workshop will enable you to think in contrasts and build your own self-awareness of how you work in your own culture. Once this is accomplished, you will be able to understand other cultures quicker and more effectively. You will remember things easily, because you have your own culture as a point of reference.

Interactive program with real-time solutions to the issues that affect you and those around you in your global work.

Designed for each unique individual or group.

Contact Candida at: 908-625-2267, to schedule your private one-on-one sessions or for your corporate group sessions.

Price is per person for this unique two-day workshop.