Children in a New Land


AdobeStock_8072225Leaving behind friends and extended family can be very upsetting for children and young adults.

Young children may not be able to express frustration and soon may experience behavioral symptoms, a bi-product of the stress they are feeling of being in a foreign environment that they quite do not yet understand.

Older children show their stress a little differently, they may withdraw, or become super active in an attempt to fit in. What were once your family values may have gone out the window and as a parent you may feel helpless in trying to help your child navigate their way into a new social circle.

Children who are in a new culture need to understand how to study, how to work with their new teachers, how to prepare for tests, how to make new friends and manage peer pressure. They also need to understand the different expectations that are required of them in order for them to succeed in their new school.

No matter the child’s age, they want to be accepted, and you, as their parent, can help in this area. You can help your child understand their new surroundings so that they don’t get their personal values, and their family’s values intertwined and confused with that of the local culture.

I have had years of expereince in helping children transition effectively from culture-to-culture and have never met a family I could not help.

Each program is custom tailored to the needs of each child and their family members.

Price is per child/family and includes one-on-one sessions as well as family group sessions and communication sessions with parents for an intergrated family growth approach.

More than one child? Second child half price.

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