Three-Steps to Your Global Leadership Persona™ Do or Die

Leaders in general must be able to have a streamlined process for getting things done, this concept is as important in your home turf as it is when you are on a global assignment. Below I detail my three-step process for developing your leadership persona no matter where in the world you are:

BUILD – Awareness

REMOVE – Mystery

APPLY – Native Intelligence

DO or DIE the Journey…

Build Awareness

Understand yourself and your very own culture first

  • What you stand for
  • What you value
  • What got you here
  • Personal beliefs
  • Cultural history
  • Cultural beliefs

Remove Mystery


  • Detail – values yours and your culture’s (think… history)
  • Observe – same/different – how are things the same or different in your surroundings?

Apply Native Intelligence


  • Describe – what you see – what are your surroundings
  • Interpret – what you believe to be the meaning of what you see
  • Explain – what you learned and how you may apply it to your current situations

After you understand yourself and your own country’s cultural beliefs you will be able to interpret your new global surroundings because you have a frame of reference from which to go by.

What is your Global Leadership Persona™?

“It is the ability to bring the best of who you are to any new situation while fitting into the culture, and leading in a way that creates respect and loyalty among those you lead.” Candida Marques – Global Arrival © 2018.

I end this piece with my famous quote: “Remember – you are a foreigner everywhere except in your own culture.”

Candida Marques – Global Arrival ©2018.


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