michelle-pollock-wes“Candida is an insightful and innovative executive coach. Her global experience, in-depth knowledge of organizational management in multicultural environments, and commitment to understanding the complex tenets of leadership make her sharp at excavating potential in her clients. Through working with Candida, I developed a more evolved view of leadership by extending my focus beyond singular leadership to create a culture that enables and develops others. I also learned techniques in motivating staff by sharing clearer visions and enthusiasm instead of using mechanisms of control and granular problem solving. Candida also shared communication strategies with me to influence and align people around a shared vision rather than focus simply on how to organize and staff my department. What separates Candida from other coaches is her ability to help you resolve triggers you may experience at work that hold you back from reaching your ultimate potential. That work requires building deep trust with a client and awareness of how individual psychology impacts the way we interact with others in the dynamics of work. She encouraged me to resolve those issues to become not only a better leader but strive to be a more compassionate, calmer person. To summarize, jump at the chance to work with Candida!”

Michelle Pollock,
Director of Marketing Operations, World Education Services

Monica-1“Candida is a joy to work with! She helped me transition to working with a non-US based global corporation. Her lifetime of international corporate experience gives Candida rare insight on the people level and working with her significantly reduced my transition time in my new company. I learned from Candida how to overcome cultural barriers which allowed me to form meaningful and highly productive work relationships. Despite her full schedule and executive status, Candida makes me feel like the center of the universe whenever she is working with me. Her ability to make her clients feel at home is incredible and somewhat of a lost art these days. She is always on, always available, and always shows up with that warm and welcoming smile! I would highly recommend working with Candida!”

Monica Wyckoff Gionet,
Specialist in transition of global enterprise systems, technologies and operations to cloud-based models.

sreeni“Candida has a deep understanding of the cross cultural needs of people moving across borders not just thru books but thru her personal experiences as well. She has been a fantastic guide not just to me, but for the whole family enabling our transition in a very smooth manner to the US from India.
I would recommend her highly, especially for families moving for the first time.”

Sreenivas Rao Nandigam,
Regional Supply Chain Director at Reckitt Benckiser

Jiri“I have worked with Candida on cultural integration of me and my family to United States as well as on certain coaching project for me. I have been extremely satisfied with the quality and professionalism of Candida. I highly recommend her services to anyone.”

Jiri Kulik,
Senior Vice President Regional Director LATAM at Reckitt Benckiser

JimCarroll“Candida was a pleasure to work with during my days at BASF. In providing destination support services to our inbound US assignees, Candida always provided a high-touch, customer-focused solution, coupled with an in-depth understanding of what it means to be in a new and unfamiliar place. I highly recommend her and her company to anyone who needs support in her areas of expertise.”

Jim Carroll,
Global Mobility Professional, GPHR, GMS-T, CRP

diane“Candida exhibits a keen interest in, and dedication to, cross cultural and diversity training, as well as on ongoing willingness to continuously hone her skills and learn new approaches.”

Diane Arthur,
Founder, Arthur Associates Management Consultants, Ltd.
Human Resource Development Specialists